Our Founder

Ariana Singhi

Ariana Singhi is a student at Bombay International School in Mumbai, India. Having demonstrated a robust academic record alongside rigorous extracurricular engagements, Ariana serves as Vice President of her School Council, ardently working towards fostering a landscape of holistic learning. 

With ideas and beliefs rooted in perceiving life as an endless journey of learning, unlearning, and relearning, Ariana looks back to the period she started wearing specs – at the age of 8.  She remembers walking into the classroom for the first time after wearing specs, finding herself feeling awkward and different. This memory was deeply etched in her mind, gradually driving Ariana to think through the easily overlooked complexities of using specs. At the heart of it, she believes in meaningfully thinking through the many human concerns often relegated to the margins to devise and implement effective solutions, all while holding empathy and sensitivity close to her heart. 

Having done book sales and bake sales since the age of 9 Ariana’s interest in the tenets of business and entrepreneurship was further ignited by her participation in the year-long Young Entrepreneurs Academy Program, where she was guided by industry pioneers for the creation of a product.

This juncture marked the birth of SWAPS, Ariana’s brainchild informed by her personal experiences, and desire to destigmatize specs. She created interchangeable spectacle sleeves and design patterns to make children look at specs as an accessory and not a medical vision-correcting tool only. Acknowledging the potential that resided in SWAPS, the Entrepreneurs Program conferred the idea with second place, along with the funding of INR 30,000/-.

Further, fuelled by the desire to expand the initiative, her unique vision for SWAPS went on to procure a design registration from the Government of India’s Patent Office. Ever since, SWAPS has evolved to become a multi-modal initiative aimed to destigmatize spectacles. The research for Swaps revealed glaring statistics. Approximately, 2.2 billion people in the world do not have access to eyewear, and a majority of the people affected by poor vision reside in developing countries. It is at this juncture, after realizing the fissures and disparities in the world, that SWAPS expanded its affirmative vision with the hope of lending a helping hand to the underserved individuals and communities in India. To support those in need – particularly visually impaired women and children in India, SWAPS emerged as a multimodal initiative with a comprehensive focus on both raising awareness about increasing access to specialized eye care and providing the necessary resources to bridge existing gaps. With initiatives ranging from content-based awareness resources to eye camps for children and an online fundraiser, Ariana has been focusing on finding the right balance between offering effective solutions both in theory and practice. Reaching out to more deserving individuals with each passing step, SWAPS hopes to positively alter the current landscape in the country and be a harbinger of change. 

Ariana is extremely passionate about social impact and has previously organized a large online fundraising campaign in collaboration with Greensole, raising INR 49,800 to provide underprivileged students in Mumbai with back-to-school kits to improve their health and educational outcomes. Additionally, Ariana was chosen as a panel member of the design team at the Museum of Solutions in Mumbai, contributing to their goal of fostering awareness about prevalent environmental and social issues. Aside from her interest in creating impact for those around her, Ariana is also an avid writer and enjoys indulging in creative writing pursuits. Outside the classroom, she enjoys reading, public speaking, and spending time with her friends.