Founded in 2008, RobinAge is an award-winning newspaper for children. It has been created to encourage the habit of reading through content that is interactive, informative, positive, and engaging. It can be accessed online at The paper is a recipient of  3 Parents’ Choice Awards (USA) and 5 KidsStopPress Awards (India) for its incredible work in the field of journalism. 

Hamari Pahchan is a non-governmental organization (NGO) based in New Delhi, India. It was founded in 2015 with the mission of providing opportunities to underprivileged people so they can create their own identity. Hamari Pahchan works in a variety of areas, including education, menstrual health awareness, unemployment, and hunger.

I-India is a registered, non-profit, non-governmental organisation (NGO) founded in year 1993. They reach over 3000 street children daily through street schools, residential homes and vocational centres.  The street children charity, non-governmental organisation (NGO) in Jaipur assist children and communities with immediate challenges, such as homelessness, child laborers, malnutrition and illness, while also developing their attitudes and skills in a way so that they have greater choice to transform their future.