Eye Camps

SWAPS x BMC Schools Mumbai Eye Camps 2024

In March 2024, SWAPS partnered with 7 BMC schools to plan and organise the largest scale of eye testing camps for enrolled students. Beginning with the first camp in March, the initiative will organise 6 more camps to provide kids with eye healthcare and spectacles in the upcoming months. 

Eye Camp 2: Globe Mills Passage Municipal School

SWAPS continued its collaboration with BMC by organizing a second eye camp at the Globe Mills Passage Municipal School, a BMC-run school in Mumbai. After conducting vision screening and eye tests for 350 students, experts identified 20 of the students as having varying degrees of vision impairment. SWAPS provided them with free-of-cost high-quality specialized eyewear to meet their visual aid needs. 

Eye Camp 1: The Love Grove School, Worli   

Beginning the partnership with the BMC schools, the first camp was organised at the Love Grove School, Worli, Mumbai. Here, 360 children were tested over a day-long camp by experts and doctors. Ultimately, 34 students were identified as recipients of spectacles, which SWAPS will provide free of cost in partnership with Lenskart, India. Becoming one of the largest eye camps conducted under SWAPS, the collaboration ensures that students across ages can access proper check-ups and visual aids through the initiative. 

SWAPS x Hamari Pahchan Eye Camps 2023

Hamari Pahchan x SWAPS: Mumbai Eye Camp and Spectacles Donation Drive

To further the SWAPS mission, we partnered with Hamari Pahchan, the Delhi-based NGO, to reach the underserved children residing in underprivileged parts of Mumbai, Maharashtra in September 2023. Reaching 100 children by collaborating with local eye check-up vans and the NGO, we supported a robust visual health check-up for each of these stakeholders. Additionally, we provided approximately 20 children with appropriate spectacles for their visual health needs. The initiative was supported by the SWAPS fundraiser which supplied Hamari Pahchan with the necessary funds to conduct the eye camps and procure spectacles for children in need.  

SWAPS x I-India Jaipur Eye Camps

As part of SWAPS’ social mission to help individuals from marginalized sections of society, we conducted three eye camps at I-India, a Jaipur-based NGO that aims to uplift children from underserved communities and impoverished backgrounds by providing them with necessary educational and professional support to help them achieve their dreams. The eye camps were designed to provide access to diagnoses for visual impairments for these children, and we plan to conduct similar eye camps in the future as well.